IADT Photography
Graduate Exhibition 2017

Type: Branding Identity / Promotion
Client: IADT
Year: 2017

The focus of this project was to design an identity for the promotion of the Graduate Exhibition. I wanted to reflect the confidence of the graduating class and at the same time allow the photography to be the main focus. With this in mind, I decided to keep the design simple yet rigid. 

The general idea was to make the design visually appealing to a wide array of people, one that can be intriguing to seasoned art enthusiasts and yet accessible to the general public. I decided to use one of Catherine McAuley's visually striking images from her series 'Suture', as it best fit the criteria.


Aside from the print design of the poster, flyer, and personalised invitations, I also took charge of the online marketing. For this, I photographed each student's headshot and later designed and ran the Facebook and Instagram profiles promoting the forthcoming exhibition.

In the countdown towards the exhibition launch, I planned the grid of the Instagram profile and scheduled posts with a headshot of each artist, a photograph of their work-in-progress, and finally a teaser image of their work. This way each exhibiting student had a row of their own on the profile page. Each post featured a unique description and hashtags, and was also automatically shared on the Facebook profile for maximum reach.